Stakeholders' Guide

The Stakeholders' Guide is available for download, please use the following Link

Stakeholders' Guide

Workshop and Final Meeting
An international Sigmachain Workshop took place in Kulmbach, Germany on 6th and 7th May as part of the 44th "Kulmbacher Meat Woche".

The Sigmachain Consortium presented the project outcome "How to adress vulnerabilities in food chains" to the audience from the meat business. Keynote speakers - Prof. Urlings, VION n.V. and Dr. Denk from Brandenburg GmbH -presented the industrial viewpoint towards risk managmenent in primary productuion and meat retail. The main outcome of the project - a Stakeholders Guide - has been made available to the participants.

The final meeting of the Sigmachain consortium took place at the Max Rubner Institute the 7th and 8th of May to discuss the final activities in the project.

  Here are some impressions of the Workshop
Sigmachain - International Workshop

The Sigmachain will hold an international workshop during the "Kulmbacher week" from 6th to 7th May in Kulmbach, Germany. Results from the 3 year R&D project will be presented including the Stakeholders' Guide, a valuable tool for all stakeholders in the food industry interested in assessing the risks along the food chain. A printed version of the Stakeholders' Guide is included in the registration fee.For details please download the complete programme, the registration form and some hotel recommendations or contact the organizer.

Here you also can find the program for the "Kulmbacher week"

01.12.2008 Plenary Meeting in Wageningen
The 7th Plenary Meeting of the Sigmachain project took place from 24th - 27th November in Wageningen in the Netherlands.
The results of the Risk Managers’ Forum in Dublin and the Pilot Focus Groups in Brazil have been presented. Food chains for poultry, farmed salmon, water and milkpowder are complete and will be integrated together with risk ranking into the Stakeholders’ Guide.
Wednesday 26th the partners met for dinner and live music of the participants at “Doorwerth Castle”. 
11.11.2008 Sigmachain Seminar in Brazil
A Sigmachain Seminar for the poultry and the water chain case studies took place at the ITAL Company in Campinas.  Some impressions of the event
04.06.2008 6th Plenary Meeting in Clermont-Ferrand
The 6th Plenary meeting of the Sigmachain project took place from 4-6 June in Clermont-Ferand, hosted by INRA.
Having completed two thirds of the project the consortium discussed the progress made and decided on the content and preparation of the final stakeholder guide. Validation of the concept will happen at a legislator workshop on June 11th and a Risk Managers Forum on 16-17 September organised in Dublin, Ireland.
The next plenary meeting is planned for end of November in Wageningen at WUR in the Netherlands. 
24.04.2008 Next Plenary Meeting in Clermont-Ferrand
The next meeting for the Sigmachain project will take place from 03.06.08 - 06.06.08 in Clermont-Ferrand (France) at the institute of the French partner INRA. 
23.02.2008 Plenary Meeting Zeist (Netherlands)
From Tuesday 18th until Thursday 21st the 5th Plenary Meeting of Sigmachain took place in Zeist, Netherlands.
All partners attended the plenary sessions, the work-package and clustering meetings.
The food chains on water, milk powder and salmon have been mapped and the results are available. Work on the poultry chain is ongoing as planned.
The progress of the project has been presented and the contributions to the Second Annual Report have been discussed.
In the evening of Wednesday 20th the partners visited the National Museum from Musical Clock to Street Organ.
The next meeting is planned from 3.6. June at INRA in France.  Pictures of the Zeist Meeting
15.10.2007 Plenary Meeting Campinas (Brazil)
The 3rd Plenary Meeting of the Sigmachain project took place from 8-11th October 2007 in the sunny Campinas in Brazil. In an ambient temperature of 32 °C, the partners had a meeting day in the ITAL institute on the 8th. On the 9th of October the 4th Brazilian Meat Science and Technology Congress was attended with presentations on project matters presented by Prof. Shane Ward, Dr. Iciar Martinez and Dr. Fredi Schwägele. Visits to a chicken slaughtery plant and a cattle farm complemented the study trip.  Pictures Campinas Meeting
10.02.2007 Plenary Meeting Trondheim
From the 4th - 8th February the 2nd Plenary Meeting took place in Tromsö/Trondheim in Norway.
During a beautiful trip on the Hurtigruten the progress of the first year has been presented and the preparations for the first reporting period has been discussed.
Here you can see some  photos
Trondheim Meeting coming near...
From the 4th - 8th February will be the 2nd plenary meeting in SIGMACHAIN.
The top point of the meeting will be annual reporting for the first working period in the project.
The flyer for the meeting is als available already. 
09.10.2006 Plenary Meeting Poznan
From the 24th-26th September the first Plenary Meeting of Sigmachain took place in the Agricultural University Poznan in Poland.
The progress of the first 6 months has been presented in all WPs and the next work steps for the following months has been specified.
Here you can find some  Poznan photos
The KickOff-Meeting
The KickOff-Meeting took place from 24. to 25. April 2006 at the University College in Dublin.
Objectives, structure, teams and deliverables of the project were reviewed, the EC project officer Judith Krommer gave explanatory notes on the requirements of the European Commision and necessary management-issues were agreed.  See photos
∑Chain is launched!
The ∑Chain-Project started at April 1st 2006