Σchain is a Specific targeted Research Project (STREP) with 11 partners from the European Union, Norway and Brasil. With a duration of 36 months, started on 1 April 2006 and a EU funding of  €2.93 million the project achieves the critical mass comprising centres of expertise from universities, research institutes and industry.

The project coordinated by University College Dublin, Ireland aim to  develop methodologies to optimise the traceability process with respect to chain vulnerability to contamination. 
Current chain traceability systems will be evaluated, including methodologies for the identification of contaminants. Chain vulnerability varies depending on chain type, and case studies will be conducted on four "high vulnerability" products, representing 3 major categories of chains.

The products are: 

           ●   drinking water (i.e. a rapid contamination chain
           ●   milk powder (i.e. a batch mixing chain)

           ●   poultry meat and farmed salmon (i.e. long geographic chains).

Each of these chains will be mapped and their vulnerability to contamination assessed.

A Risk Model will be developed to provide quantitative risk assessments of chain vulnerability.
A generic Framework will be constructed for the assessment of chain vulnerability and the prioritisation of chain contamination risk. This Framework will be validated using the case studies and wider inputs from stakeholders.
The outputs from these tasks will be synthesised into a Stakeholders' Guide to food and feed chain vulnerability to contamination. The Guide will be in book format, supported by software that enables the stakeholder to input specific chain data for a product and produce associated chain maps and assessments of contamination risks. It will also enable the stakeholder to examine risk minimisation options (viz. corrective measures), such as enhanced security of the most vulnerable links. This software will be accessible on this project web portal.

This project has been submitted under:

Call details:FP6-2004-FOOD-3-B 
Priority Action 5:

Food Quality and Safety
Integrating & Strengthening the ERA

Traceability processes along the production chain
Vulnerability of food and feed chains to dangerous agents and substances